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All Kabob Platters come with basmati rice, grilled peppers and onions, fattoush salad, 3 of our mini pita pockets and sauce
(either garlic, hummus, tzatziki, or tahini)

Chicken Kabob                                           10.50

Beef Kabob                                                   12.00                 
Kafta Kabob (ground beef patties)        11.00

Mixed Grill (chicken, beef, & kafta)    13.00

Falafel & Chips                                             10.00

(Lebanese Flatbreads)

Traditional Cheese                                      4.25
Mozzarella & Feta cheese garnished with parsley

Lahem B’ajeen                                              4.25

Ground beef mixture with vegetables, herbs, and spices served with a lemon wedge

Za’atar                                                             3.25
Mix of thyme, cumin, and sesame seeds spread with olive oil

Roasted Chickpea                                       6.00
Fresh made roasted chickpea marinara spread with spinach, yellow peppers, parsley, and tahini sauce

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